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Our Lawncare Program

(Every 6-8 Weeks)

Early Spring--Round One

An application of fertilizer for color, growth and wear tolerance,
broadleaf weed controls for winter annuals, and most importantly crabgrass pre-emergent.

Spot seeding should be done before this treatment. 
(March through late April)

Late Spring--Round Two

A second fertilization to add color, growth and drought tolerance to the turf going in to the summer.
A broadleaf control as needed, and a 2nd pre-emergent for crabgrass and foxtail control.

Regular program does not control grubs. 
Grub control fungicide treatments are additional costs. 

Summer--Round Three

A granular application of slow release fertilizer for drought tolerance and color.
This application provides a continuous feeding all summer long.

Customers should continually check for brown spots which may mean grubworm activity or disease problems. 
July and August is the best time for preventive grub control treatments.
Fall is the best time to establish a lawn. We can offer a price quote for dethatching and seeding at this time. 

Early Fall--Round Four

A fall application of a complete fertilizer for good root development
and growth, broadleaf weed control to minimize next spring's amount of weeds.
Also any seeding should be done at this time.

Late Fall--Round Five

A heavy rate of winterizer fertilization.

Late fall is the best time for heavy fertilization.

Winter--Round Six

Soil Conditioner

These treatments improve the soil's ability
to provide maximum nutrient uptake for the grass plants.
Providing better tolerance to stressful weather conditions.

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